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Wednesday, August 3
Scientist Aims to Disprove NASA's 'Arsenic Bacteria' - Discover Blogs
Plants Duplicate Chromosomes to Overcome Adversity - Univ. of Illinois
Ancient Ocean Tides Very Different From Today - Oregon State University
Acoustic Diode Transmits One-Way Sound - Calif. Institute of Technology
Tuesday, August 2
Sugar Doesn't Melt, It Decomposes - University of Illinois
Chemistry Craziness: Acids Changed to Bases - UC-Riverside
Nanowire Battery: As Small As It Gets - Rice University
Stealing Quantum Keys the Easy Way - Physics World
Monday, August 1
Physicists Model 'End of Time' in Lab - MIT Technology Review
US Sets 'Exceptional Drought' Record - University of Nebraska
How Bats Stay on Target Despite Noise Clutter - Brown University
Plant Pathogens Employ Limited Tactics - University of North Carolina
Friday, July 29
Not Guilty: Genetic Tests Clear Ben Franklin - Rice University
Geography Offers Clues to Mysterious Coral Disease - University of Florida
Wireless Sensors Could Avert Bridge Disasters - EurekAlert!
Biomechanical Differences Separate Golf Pros, Duffers - Science Codex
Thursday, July 28
Telltale Signs Precede 'Unexpected' Panic Attacks - Southern Methodist U.
Organized Crime Is Wiping Out Wildlife - Science Codex
Chemists Use Elements to Invent New Pigments - Oregon State University
Electrons Observed On Highly Pure Semiconductor - Purdue University
Wednesday, July 27
Are Cancers Newly Evolved Species? - University of California-Berkeley
Interrupted Sleep Impairs Memory in Mice - Stanford University
Cell Phone Device Counts Blood Cells - Chemical & Engineering News
New Way to Measure Expansion of Universe - Science Daily
Tuesday, July 26
War, What Is It Good For? Sparking Civilization - Univ. Calif.-Los Angeles
Ten Percent: Tipping Point For Spreading Ideas? - Rensselaer Polytech.
How Enzyme Repairs Sun-Damaged DNA Revealed - Ohio State Univ.
Mitochondria Share Ancestor With Marine Microbe - Science Daily
Monday, July 25
Epigenetic 'Memory' Key to Nature vs. Nurture Debate - Science Codex
Cellular Stress Induces Yeast Prion Formation - Emory University
Graphene Continues to Yield Surprises - University of Manchester
New Photonic Crystal Has Electronic, Optical Properties -

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