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Saturday, May 28
Churchill's Aerial Assault a War Crime? - Luke Harding, Guardian
Cologne Survived RAF's 1,000 Bombers - Max Tretheway, NY Times
RAF's 3-Year Siege of German Cities - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Joan of Arc: More Than a Martyr - Richard Vinen, History Today
The Excruciating Death of Burning at the Stake - Middle Ages
Andrew Jackson's Brush With Death - John Dickerson, Slate
Attempts on Queen Victoria's Life - Bruce Rosen, Victorian History
The Assassination of Dominican El Jefe - Henry Dearborn, ADST
Japanese Go on Murder Spree in Israel - Tamara Zieve, Jerusalem Post
The Origins of Balkan Powder Keg - Jacob Gould Schurman, Historion
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Friday, May 27
Fall of Constantinople Still Echoes Today - The Economist
Constantinople and Christian Tragedy - Theodoros Karakostas, HCC
Conquering Mount Everest - Megan Gambino, Smithsonian
Hillary and Norgay Truly 1st? - Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American
Blame Rich Tourists for Everest Decline - Luke Harding, The Guardian
Reagan's Pivotal Moscow Visit - George Shultz, Thatcher Foundation
When 'Tourist' Putin Met Reagan - Alex Selwyn-Holmes, Iconic Photos
Empress: Sunk in 14 Minutes - Gavin Murphy, Encyclopedia Titanica
Why Baseball Has Antitrust Exemption? - David Greenberg, Slate
Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters - Brian Colella, RealClearSports
Thursday, May 26
SS Terror Chief No Simple Monster - Georg Bonisch, Der Spiegel
The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich - R.C. Jaggers, CIA
How the Mighty Bismarck Was Sunk - Tony Long, Wired
Rheinubung: Great Battle on the High Seas - Jose Rico, KBismarck
How Dunkirk Survivors Won WWII - Nigel Farndale, The Telegraph
A Flight That Helped End Cold War - Tom LeCompte, Air and Space
Dawn of Japan as a Naval Power - Kennedy Hickman,
New York, Jersey Fight for Ellis Island - Joan Biskupic, Washington Post
The Day Golden Gate Nearly Buckled - Stephen Tung, SJ Mercury News
20 Awesome Facts About Golden Gate - Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss
Wednesday, May 25
10 Worst Airplane Crashes in History - Patrick Smith, Salon
Worst U.S. Plane Crash Still Haunts - Cory Franklin, Chicago Tribune
Firemen Recall a 'Sea of Death' - Madhu Krishnamurthy, Daily Herald
Lessons From China Airlines Jumbo Jet's Crash - FAA
The Meaning of Race to Moon, 50 Years Later - The Economist
Top 10 Discoveries of Apollo Missions - Air and Space
What Really Happened to Etan Patz? - Lisa Cohen, New York Magazine
How Patz Case Changed Parenting - Michael Wilson, New York Times
Coventry Sinks During 'Suicide Mission' - Leesa Rumley, BBC News
From Border Clash to Mason-Dixon Line - Morgan Robinson, Penn State
Tuesday, May 24
Bismarck's Sinking of HMS Hood - Antonio Bonomi, HMS Hood Assn.
The Last Survivor of Ill-Fated HMS Hood - The Economist
The Man Who Let Mengele Get Away - Gerald Posner, The Daily Beast
John Brown Exacts Revenge for Sacking of Lawrence - PBS
Brooklyn Bridge: Creating Grandeur - CBS Forum
Urban Legend of 'Selling Brooklyn Bridge' - Gabriel Cohen, NY Times
Amy Johnson: Forgotten Top Female Aviator - Hull History Centre
All You Need to Know About Eurovision - George Webster, CNN
Samuel Morse's Reversal of Fortune - David McCullough, Smithsonian
Sacco and Vanzetti: Who's Truly Guilty? - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Monday, May 23
The Final Days of Heinrich Himmler - Selkirk Panton, Daily Express
Churchill's Plot to Co-Opt Himmler - Jamie Doward, The Guardian
Heinrich Himmler: Architect of Nazi Terror - Holocaust Museum
How Ex-Nazis Helped Give Birth to West Germany - Der Spiegel
West Germany's Rise from Ruins of War - Greg Gethard, Investopedia
Life and Times of Capt. Kidd - Paul Hawkins, Captain Kidd Ultimate
A Brief History of Piracy - Krzysztof Wilczynski, Pirates Info
Top 10 Deadly Fires in Modern History - Bryan Johnson, The List Blog
A Couple's Spectacular Crime Spree and Manhunt - FBI
Grisly End of Bonnie and Clyde - John Neal Phillips, American History
Saturday, May 21
Did Soviet Union Sink U.S. Sub Scorpion? - Ed Offley, MHQ
Myth and Reality of Grant at Vicksburg - Parker Hills, Civil War Trust
How Great Society Harmed America's Blacks - Mychal Massie, WND
LBJ: The Cruel Idealist - Benjamin Schwarz, The Atlantic
The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr - Douglas Linder, UMKC
A Savage Beating in Halls of Congress - Pat Horan, Historiat
Jealous Duce Was Green With Hitler-Envy - Jane Fryer, Daily Mail
Unholy Union of Germany, Italy - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
The Story of Steamship - Maximilian Foster, The Future of Our Past
Mystery and Unraveling of Chandra Levy Case - Washington Post
Friday, May 20
The Law That Lit Fuse for Civil War - Ross Drake, Smithsonian
Kansas Bleeds in Border War - Eyewitness to History
Missouri vs. Kansas: The Nasty Rivalry - Robert Mays, Grantland
The Myth of Twinkie Defense - Carol Pogash, San Francisco Chronicle
The Death Throes of Old San Francisco - Kevin Mullen, Found SF
Leopold and Loeb's Criminal Minds - Simon Baatz, Smithsonian
Falklands Nearly Sunk Iron Lady - Maurice Hayes, Irish Independent
How Falklands Survivors Made It Through - Terri Judd, Independent
Tamil Tigers Confess Gandhi Killing - S. Ramachandran, Asia Times
Don't Blame Islam for Suicide Bombing - Robert Pape, Foreign Policy
Thursday, May 19
Germany's Audacious Airborne Conquest - Peter Antill, History of War
Behind the Legend of German Fallschirmjager - Lone Sentry
Paratroopers in Combat: Past and Present - John T. Reed
Union's Bloody Spotsylvania Miscue - Curtis Crockett, Civil War Trust
Ulysses Grant Was No Butcher - Elizabeth Pezzullo,
Lindbergh's Historic Transatlantic Flight - Charles Lindbergh
Mystery Man of Spirit of St. Louis - Joseph Tekulsky, Aviation History
Vasco de Gama's Passage to India - Paul Halsall, Fordham University
Imperial Spain Ready to Teach English Lesson - Simon Adams, BBC
Connecting HIV to AIDS - Robert Gallo & Luc Montagnier, NEJM
Wednesday, May 18
Why France Lost Seven Years' War - Andrew Wright, Military History
European Powers Tussle Worldwide - John Rickard, History of War
Allies' Pyrrhic Victory at Monte Cassino - Richard Holmes, BBC News
Horrible Error Led to Abbey's Destruction - John Ezard, The Guardian
Islam's Brutal But Failed Malta Siege - James Jackson, Daily Mail
Eli Cohen: Israel's Master Spy in Syria - Maurice Cohen, Jewish Mag.
Plessy and Road to Jim Crow - C. Vann Woodward, American Heritage
The Rebirth of Mount St. Helens - McKenzie Funk, National Geographic
A Photographic Memory of Eruption - Feliks Banel, Seattle P-I
Tank on the Loose in San Diego - P. LaVelle & P. Dibsie, U-T San Diego

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