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Friday, December 19
History May Prove Kinder to Bush - Mary Dejevsky, The Independent
Obama's Costly Mistake in Iraq - Dick & Liz Cheney, Wall Street Journal
The Destruction of Presidential Mystique - Douglas Linder, UMKC
George Washington's Winter of Discontent - U.S. History
How China Tipped Scale in Vietnam - Bob Seals, Military History Online
Sowing Seeds for Long Conflict in Vietnam - Global Security
What Thatcher Won Over Hong Kong - Todd Crowell, RealClearHistory
Thatcher's Regrets Over Hong Kong - Miles Goslett, Daily Telegraph
Leading the Path to a Velvet Democracy - David Remnick, New Yorker
Strange Tale of Jules Rimet Trophy - Melanie Rivera, eZine Articles
Thursday, December 18
Sorting Truth From Fiction at Malmedy - Joseph Cummins, HNN
Waffen-SS: Warriors or War Criminals? - Jewish Virtual Library
Was Peiper Guilty of Malmedy Massacre? - Waffen-SS
FDR's Scapegoats for Pearl Harbor - James Perloff, New American
Verdun: Butchery With No Winner - John Rickard, History of War
Grant, Jews and His Notorious Order - Jonathan Sarna, Slate
Bombing Vietnam Back to the Table - Robert Harder, Aviation History
Behind Air Force's Project Bluebook - Michael Hall, UFO Whipnet
Why Englishmen Aided IRA Bombing - Stephen Ward, The Independent
Aussie PM's Stunning Disappearance - Australian Geographic
Wednesday, December 17
Hitler's Greatest Military Blunders - Jim Lacey, World War II Magazine
George Patton: Giant at the Bulge - Bucky Fox, Investor's Business Daily
Green Troops Saves the Day in Ardennes - Rob Dean, MHO
Bulge: An Abysmal Allied Intel Failure - Carlo D'Este, History Reader
Who Led in American Revolution? - Alfred Young, Boston Review
Boston Tea Party Dumps on British Crown - Eyewitness to History
Around Africa's Cape to India - Oliver Thatcher, Fordham University
Mt. Fuji Overdue for an Eruption - David Wolman, National Geographic
First Prison Escape from 'The Rock' - Richard Sparkletack, SFist
The Day the Boy Fell From the Sky - Wendell Jamieson, New York Times
Tuesday, December 16
How MacArthur Shaped Postwar Japan - Stanley Weintraub, MHM
Methodical Remaking of Occupied Japan - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
South's Army of Tennessee Faces Demise - John Rickard, History of War
Why Bill of Rights Is Important - Joseph Postell, Heritage Foundation
Bill of Rights: Heart and Soul of America - Chris Bliss, Arizona Republic
Understanding China-Taiwan Relationship - Roberge & Lee, CFR
Keeping Peace in Taiwan Strait - Richard Bush III, Brookings Institute
Soviet Spacecraft Lifts the Veil of Venus - Russian Space Web
Christopher Hitchens Proved Nothing's Sacred - Kyle Minor, Salon
The Sad, Tragic Life of J. Paul Getty III - Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times
Monday, December 15
Conquest and Tragedy at South Pole - J. Brooks Spector, Daily Maverick
Amundsen Wins the Race to Immortality - South Pole
What Race to South Pole Teaches Us - B. & K. McKay, Art of Manliness
Apollo 17: The End of the Beginning - Ben Evans, America Space
Moon's Last Man Ponders Space Future - Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle
Lice, Not Russians, Beat Mighty Napoleon - Joe Knight, Slate
Napoleon's Humiliating, Comprehensive Defeat - Napoleonistyka
True Lesson of Dayton Peace Accord - Michael Goldfarb, Global Post
Making Sense of Shoe Attack on Bush - Shattered Paradigm
The Roots of Michigan-Ohio Rivalry - Randall Schaetzl, MSU
Saturday, December 13
Does Rape of Nanking Equal Holocaust? - David Kennedy, The Atlantic
Japanese's Killing Game of Amusement - Nanjing Massacre
Confessions of Brutal Massacre in Nanking - Nanking Atrocities
Rape of Nanking Still Stains Japan - Jeff Kingston, Japan Times
A Nazi Who Saved Lives in Nanking - David Chen, New York Times
Royal Navy's Forgotten WWII Victory - John Rickard, History of War
Pulling Saddam Hussein Out of His 'Rat Hole' - Ralph Benko, WND
Evading Saddam and His Brutal Regime - Daniel Miller, Daily Mail
How the 'Texas Seven' Slipped Away - Gary King, Crime Library
A Tragedy Never to Be Forgotten in Evansville - Licensed to Blog
Friday, December 12
How Al Gore Lost 2000 Election - Evgenia Peretz, Vanity Fair
What If Supremes Didn't Intervene? - Megan McArdle, Daily Beast
The Unbearable Rightness of Bush v. Gore - Nelson Lund, GMU
A Contentious Election's Troubling Legacy - Richard Hasen, Slate
Xi'an Incident: A Major Turning Point for China - Republican China
Japan's Provocation Before Pearl Harbor - Ted Robbins, NPR
Winter Storm Failure Dooms 6th Army - Geert Rottiers,
Joe McCarthy's Assault on Newsman - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Leona Hemsley: The Queen of Mean - Rachael Bell, Crime Library
Oldsmobile: Dead at 1096 - Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN Money
Thursday, December 11
Why Hitler Jumped at War With U.S. - Gerhard Weinberg, HNN
Hitler States His Case to Fight America - Jewish Virtual Library
Atlantic War's Undeclared Origin - Dwight Zimmerman, DMN
Edward, Simpson and Nazi Sympathies - Evans & Hencke, Guardian
Abdication No Shame for Royal Family - Brian Walden, BBC News
Was Wallis Simpson Really All Woman? - Anne Sebba, Daily Mail
Sherman's March Gives Rise to 'Total War' - Tony Long, Wired
Teddy Roosevelt Was Clueless About Economy - Jim Powell, Forbes
The Spy Who Doomed Pearl Harbor - Edward Savela, MHQ
Man's Last Visit to the Moon - Encyclopedia Astronautica
Wednesday, December 10
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Carmelo Lisciotto, H.E.A.R.T.
Catching Up With Eichmann's Son - Suzanne Glass, The Independent
How Jerusalem Was Won - Edmund Allenby, First World War
American Infighting Helped to Lose China - John Service, ADST
Chiang Kai-shek's Legacy in Taiwan - Joe Hung, NPF Commentary
Goldwater, John Birch Society, and Me - William Buckley, Commentary
The Unraveling of Charles and Diana's Marriage - Princess Diana
Reconstructing Dixie's Black Governor - Norman Stewart, eZine
Mumia Still Guilty After All - Edward Morrissey, Captains Quarters
The Sad Tale of Washington's Punch - Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm
Tuesday, December 9
Japan's Miscalculation Seals Own Doom - Jim Lacey, National Review
Pearl Harbor Day's Untold Story - Elizabeth McIntosh, Washington Post
How MacArthur Led Comeback - Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard
FDR Meticulously Crafted His Call to Arms - Prologue Magazine
What John Lennon Did on His Last Day - David Edwards, Daily Mirror
Lennon's Killer: Agent of Death - Fred McGunagle, Crime Library
English Kicker's Eternal Link to Famous Beatle - Jeff Ausiello, ESPN
King Gustav V's No Nazi Sympathizer - Mad Monarchist
Triumph at Karachi: Indian Navy's Finest Hour - J G Nadkarni, Rediff
Why Bolts Rarely Cause Plane to Crash - Bill Dedman, MSNBC

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