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Wednesday, June 29
Was Hitler Right to Invade Russia in '41? - Andrew Wright, MHO
Wehrmacht's Fateful Decision on Road to Stalingrad -
Top 10 Most Controversial Supreme Court Decisions - Time
Why High Court Checked President - David Cole, NY Review of Books
Ike and Interstate Highway's Defensive Origin - Global Security
The Paradox of the German Autobahn - Cranky Driver
Sir Roger Casement: Traitor, Patriot - Michael Duffy, First World War
Misha's Defection One for Books - Knelman Martin, Toronto Star
An Unthinkable Building Collapse - Andrei Lankov, Korea Times
Forging U.S.'s Miracle on Grass - Jere Longman, New York Times
Tuesday, June 28
The War That Changed World Forever - Steven Erlanger, NY Times
Assassination Lights War's Fuse - John Simkin, Spartacus Educational
Triggerman of Archduke's Murder - Michael Duffy, First World War
Scars of WWI Lingers in Europe - Naftali Bendavid, Wall Street Journal
Wilson's Costly Failure at Peace - Encyclopedia of New American Nation
Scoundrel Saves Continental Army - Donald Moran, Revolutionary War
British Meet Their Match at Monmouth - David Wade, Military History
How Liquor Licenses Sparked Stonewall Riots - Nick Sibilia, Reason
Ned Kelly: Legendary Criminal Down Under - Australian Government
Mercenaries Get Rough Justice in Angola - Executed Today
Monday, June 27
Mormons and the Murder of Joseph Smith - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Story of Code Breaking in World War II - History Channel
How Enigma Machine Works - Alan Stripp, PBS
Korea: The First War America Lost - Bevin Alexander
Fighting in Korea Turns Cold War Hot - Michael Hickey, BBC
Pandemonium at Kennesaw Mountain - John Fowler, Civil War Trust
Romania Outdoing Nazis With Lasi Pogrom - Holocaust Museum
How Yugoslavia Fell Apart as a Nation - Thomas Niles, ADST
Slovenia Wins Independence in 10-Day War - Ljubljana Life
Britain's Bad Day in Argentina - Richard Gott, The Guardian
Saturday, June 25
Blockade Ends in Humiliation for Stalin - Cold War Museum
'Candy Bomber' Saves Day for West Berlin - Gail Halvorsen, MHM
Tempelhof: Mother of All Airports - Reinhard Mohr, Der Spiegel
Kennedy Was Not a Jelly Doughnut - Steve Coates, New York Times
Teaching JFK German - Margarethe Plischke, American Heritage
Did Beria Help Murder Stalin? - Miguel Faria, Surgical Neurology Int'l
How Stalin's Henchman Got Outfoxed - Stephen Kotkin, Front Page Mag
Doughboys Come to Save Allies - Edmund Ions, Eyewitness to History
'Black Jack' Leads America Into War - Michael Duffy, First World War
Connecting Atlantic Ocean to Great Lakes - Infrastructure Canada
Friday, June 24
History's Worst Battlefield Blunders - Stephan Wilkinson, History Net
How Battle of Little Bighorn Was Won - Thomas Powers, Smithsonian
Custer Did Not Falter at Little Bighorn - Robert Nightengale, Wild West
George Custer: In Death, an Everlasting Fame - PBS
How Stalin Set Up Korean War - James Matray, Cold War China
'Little Emergency' That Was All-Out War - Donald MacDonald, ADST
Tangled Web of Stalin, Mao and Kim - Paul Wingrove, History Today
D-Day Outcome Secured at Cherbourg - John Rickard, History of War
The Complex Ordeal of Gilad Shalit - Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian
Long, Colorful History of Catch-All Mann Act - Eric Weiner, NPR
Thursday, June 23
Hitler's Whirlwind Tour of Paris - Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich
What Hitler Saw on His Tour - John Reese, The French Way Blog
German Pilot's Unintentional Gift to RAF - Geoff Nutkins, FCAFA
How Watergate Burglars Got Caught - Craig Shirley, Washingtonian
All the President's Men: Fact of Fiction? - Max Holland, Daily Beast
The Short and Exemplary Reign of Titus - UNRV History
John Gotti: The Last Mafia Icon - Ken Gross, People
Why Vincent Chin Matters - Ravi Venkataraman, New America Media
The Marathon Men of Tennis - John Feinstein, Washington Post
Title IX Continues to Menace Athletics - Neal McCluskey, Daily Caller
Wednesday, June 22
Why German Invasion of USSR Failed - Mike Ruzza, Military History
What Stalin Knew: The Enigma of Barbarossa - Ronald Steury, CIA
Myth of Stalin's 'Siberian Divisions' - Nigel Askey, Op. Barbarossa
How Barbarossa Unleashed Nazi Mass Murder - Yad Vashem
8 Things to Know About Eastern Front - Evan Andrews,
Allied Guard Helped Avert World War III - Jonathan Gornall, National
Andrew Jackson's Cleansing of Indians - Robert Remini, AHM
Cherokee Nation Heads West on Trail of Tears - PBS
How Cleveland's River Caught Fire - Michael Scott, Plain Dealer
'Hand of God' Made Maradona Deity - Ian Chadband, The Telegraph
Tuesday, June 21
Hitler Completes Humiliation of France - William Shirer, Berlin Diary
The German View of the Collapse of France - Facts in Review
Compiegne: Forest of History and Fantasy - Elaine Sciolino, NY Times
Rommel's Rise and Fall in North Africa - David Zabecki,
How Desert Fox Won Tobruk - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
The Bloodbath on Okinawa - Laura Lacey, Military History Online
How Okinawa Led to Atomic Bomb - Alexander Burnham, VQR
German Navy Scuttling Act of Valor - Mark Simmons, Military History
Scapa Flow: Home of Grand Fleet - Michael Duffy, First World War
Where Britannia Ruled Waves in Two Wars - Samuel Chi, Historiat
Monday, June 20
How Boxer Rebellion Shaped Modern China - The Economist
Boxers Beget Century of War - TDP Dugdale-Pointon, History of War
Last Gasp of Japan's Imperial Navy - John Wokovits, World War II Mag
Tale of Germany's 2 Capital Cities - Alan Cowell, New York Times
West Virginia Pulls Its Own Secession - Encyclopedia Virginia
The Long, Prosperous Reign of Queen Victoria - Britannia
A 'B-Movie' Banana Republic Coup - Alexander Watson, ADST
Detroit's Racial Tensions Bubble to Surface - PBS
Did Lizzie Borden Get Away With Murder? - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Who Killed Bugsy Siegel? - Amy Wallace, Los Angeles Magazine

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