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Friday, October 31
The Making of Mount Rushmore - Megan Gambino, Smithsonian
First Casualty of U-Boat's War on America - U Boat Aces
Beersheba: Cavalry's Last Hurrah - John Rickard, History of War
Dreams of India Shattered by 31 Bullets - William Smith, Time
Gandhi's Assassination Still Reverberates - Tarun Basu, IBN Live
Air Disaster Amid Typhoon in Taiwan - Daffy Roderick, Time Asia
Dissecting Singapore Airlines' Tragedy - Robert Boser, Airlines Safety
Even Houdini Couldn't Cheat Death - Joan Higbee, Library of Congress
The Untimely Demise of River Phoenix - Frank Wilkins, Reel Reviews
Top 10 Financial Crimes in History - Safety-Security-Crazy
Thursday, October 30
'Manchurian Candidate' Not Merely Fiction - Mark Sauter, RCH
Life of a Marine on Hill in Danang - Craig Hullinger, Hullinger Marine
7 Nuclear Screwups the World Narrowly Survived - Cracked
FDR's Forgotten Pledge to Avoid War - Callie Oettinger, Command Post
Did Branch Rickey Sell Out Jackie Robinson? - John Thorn, Our Game
42 Facts About Jackie Robinson - Rudie Obias, Mental Floss
Ali's Rope-a-Dope in the Jungle - Paul Campbell, The Guardian
Henry VII Puts England on Map - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
The Miracle of Dresden's Rebirth - Tristana Moore, BBC News
'War of Worlds' Myth Lives On - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Wednesday, October 29
The Dawn of a New World Order After Suez - The Economist
Suez Crisis and End of British Empire - Derek Brown, The Guardian
Pax Britannica Was Good for Civilization - Samuel Chi, Historiat
Il Duce's Mythical 'March on Rome' - David Willey, BBC
Mussolini's Trains Really Ran On Time? - Brian Cathcart, Independent
A New Rome Under Constantine - Hans Pohlsander, Roman Emperors
Vatican's Miraculous Reconciliation With Jews - Forward
The Life of a Great Explorer and Poet - Christopher Smith, Britannica
Life and Times of Tchaikovsky - Brett Langston, Tchaikovsky Research
Aging John Glenn Still Has the Right Stuff - Jim Clash, Ask Men
Tuesday, October 28
Photos That Prevented World War III - Michael Dobbs, Smithsonian
Cuba and World on Brink - Alex von Tunzelmann, History Reader
The Martyr of Cuban Missile Criss - Rick Hanson, USA Today
Fall of Metz and Collapse of France - M.B. Synge, Heritage History
Nietzsche: Out of Battle, a Philosopher - Stanford University
South Korea Under Park Chung-hee - Thayer Watkins, SJSU
The Accidental Martyrdom of a Gay Sailor - Chip Brown, Esquire
Untold Story About Lady Liberty - Emily Schultheis, Weekly Standard
New York Enters Age of Subway - John Hetrick, The Independent
Inside 'Jesus Christ Superstar' - Scott Miller, New Line Theater
Monday, October 27
Reagan, Goldwater and Rise of Conservatism - Pat Horan, RCH
Shootout, Trial and Aftermath at Tombstone - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Wyatt Earp: Frontier Lawman in Wild West - Legends of America
Lt. Rommel's Stunning Victory - Michael Fassbender, Humanities 360
Caporetto: A Parade of Italian Prisoners - John Farina, World War 1
Mossad's License to Kill - Gordon Thomas, Daily Telegraph
Moscow's Theater of Terror - Rebecca Leung, CBS News
Fentanyl: Toxic Gas Turned Deadly - J. Miller & W. Broad, NY Times
The Original Celebrity Murder in L.A. - Cecilia Rasmussen, LA Times
Top 10 Devastating Wildfires - Nick Carbone, Time
Saturday, October 25
Reassessing the Battle of Agincourt - James Glanz, New York Times
King George: Not Mad, But Rather Great - The British Monarchy
Young U.S. Navy's Big Score - Martin Gibson, War and Security
The Tragic Charge of the Light Brigade - National Archives
Seeds of Conflict in East China Sea - Joyman Lee, History Today
Taiwan's Unending UN Question - John Tkacik Jr., Heritage Foundation
Republican China and U.S.: A History - Oscar Chung, Taiwan Review
'Urgent Fury' a Brilliant Success - Rick Atkinson, History Reader
How President Reagan Saved Grenada - BBC
Red Sox's Choke Job Sets Standard - Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe
Friday, October 24
Walt Disney's Long Ties to FBI - Herbert Mitgang, New York Times
Reagan: 'We Must Keep Labor Unions Clean' - History Matters
The Media All Wrong on D.C. Snipers - Pat Buchanan, American Cause
Beltway Sniper: 'I Was a Monster' - Josh White, Washington Post
The Difficult Peace of Westphalia - Richard Cavendish, History Today
Top 10 Battles of World War I - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
From League of Nations to United Nations - Charles Townshend, BBC
Reassessing 1929 Stock Market Crash - Harold Bierman Jr.,
The Story of George Washington Bridge - NYC Roads
Joe Carter's Winning Blast Off 'Wild Thing' - Rick Weinberg, ESPN
Thursday, October 23
Sun Sets on Japan Over Leyte Gulf - Tim Lanzendorfer, The Pacific War
Halsey: Hero in Greatest Naval Fight - Barrett Tillman, WWII Magazine
Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Warfare - Uri Noy, 2 World War 2
Zhokov: A Favorite Son of Mother Russia - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Fall of Brutus at Second Battle of Philippi - UNRV History
1st Suicide Bomb Attack on America - Jim Michaels, USA Today
Marines in a Different Kind of War - Thomas Friedman, History Reader
Top 5 Political Brawls in U.S. History - Jarrett Stepman, Human Events
Lincoln's Crackdown on Civil Liberties - David Greenberg, Slate
It's Time to 'Nuke' Dinner! - Priya Ganapati, Wired
Wednesday, October 22
Fate of German Rocket Men Who Went East - Anatoly Zak, Air & Space
Von Braun: The Original Rocket Scientist - Robin Williams, NASA
Valentich's Encounter With an UFO? - R. Haines & P. Norman, JSE
Republic of Texas: A Decade of Independence - Son of the South
Sam Houston's Lone Star Legacy - Texas State Historical Association
President Harding Takes on Southern Racism - Andrew Glass, Politico
'Pretty Boy' Floyd's Kansas City Massacre - FBI
Serbia's Sorrow at Kragujevac - Carl Savich, Free Republic
Moquet: A French Communist and Patriot? - Bruce Crumpley, Time
50 Facts About New York City Icon - Patrick Huguenin, NY Daily News
Tuesday, October 21
The Man and the Legend of Horatio Nelson - Colin White, BBC
How Britain Beat Back Napoleon at Sea - Nelson's Navy
Cunning Mao Cut India Down to Size - Brahma Chellaney, Rediff
Deceptive Chinese Fool Nehru - Chidanand Rajghatta, Times of India
Nixon's 'Saturday Night Massacre' - Carroll Kilpatrick, Washington Post
Bishop's Execution Prompts U.S. Invasion - Government of Grenada
A Cold War Hot Battle in the Caribbean - Charles Gillespie, Jr., ADST
World's 10 Greatest Opera Houses - David Daniel, Travel and Leisure
Fosbury's History-Changing Flop - Richard Hoffer, The Revolutionary
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tragic Flight - Check-Six

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