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Friday, March 6
Finally Closing the Book on Rosenbergs - Ronald Radosh, LA Times
Rosenbergs: Story of Love and Betrayal - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Remember the Fall of the Alamo - San Antonio Light
Dred Scott Case Sparks Civil War - Gregory Wallace, Civil War Times
Cronkite: Overrated Reader of News - Roger Kimball, PJ Media
Cronkite Still TV News Gold Standard - David Hinckley, NY Daily News
Augustus and the Making of Roman Empire - UNRV History
A New Appraisal of Aspirin's Discovery - Walter Sneader, BMJ
Rise and Fall of Napster's Sean Parker - David Kirkpatrick, Vanity Fair
Fond Memories of the Fun USFL - Kent Somers, Arizona Republic
Thursday, March 5
Hitler vs. Stalin: Who's Worse? - Timothy Snyder, NY Review of Books
Stalin: Butcher and His Apologists - Arnold Beichman, Hoover Digest
How Many Did Stalin Really Kill? - R.J. Rummel, Distributed Republic
Why Stalin Wanted John Wayne Dead - Simon Montefiore, Telegraph
True Meaning of Churchill's Speech - Pamela Harriman,
Stasi's Vast West German Spy Network - Latsch & Ludwig, Der Spiegel
Who's to Blame for Boston Massacre? - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Homebrew and the Birth of Apple - Steve Wozniak, Atari Archives
The Tragic Flight Into Mount Fuji - Pilot Friend
Grudges Kept Miller Out of Cooperstown - Richard Sandomir, NY Times
Wednesday, March 4
What If Germany Had Won WWI? - Martin Kettle, The Guardian
How Lenin Pushed for Brest-Litovsk - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
World War II Comes to Western Australia - Flip Prior, West Australia
Air Power Triumphs at Bismarck Sea - Lawrence Spinetta, WWII Mag.
The Allies' Relentless Bombing of Berlin - Australian War Memorial
The Lure of the Caliphate - Malise Ruthven, New York Review of Books
Second Opium War Brings Weak China to Its Knees - Cultural China
Zimbabwe's 30 Years from Bad to Worse - Farai Sevenzo, BBC News
Mugabe: From Freedom Fighter to Aging Despot - The Telegraph
Hit Squads of Notorious 'Murder, Inc.' - Mark Gribben, Crime Library
Tuesday, March 3
Pius XII: Anti-Semitic 'Hitler's Pope' - John Cornwell, Vanity Fair
Exposing Author of 'Hitler's Pope' - William Doino, Catholic Culture
How Pius XII Protected the Jews - Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers
The Most Contentious Presidential Election, Ever - HarpWeek
Air Power's Mixed Vietnam Legacy - Mike Nastasi, Military History
Limits of Air Power in Modern War - J.L. Harrison, Univ. of Maryland
Supersonic Travel's Maiden Voyage - Concorde SST
History of High Tension on Chinese-Soviet Border - Global Security
The Forgotten Lessons of Rhodesia - H.W. Crocker III, Spectator
Wilt's Century Mark Almost Went Unnoticed - Gary Pomerantz, WSJ
Monday, March 2
Napoleon's Last Hundred Days - Marjorie Bloy, A Web of English History
The Forgotten 'Weatherman' Outrage - John Murtagh, City Journal
A Terrorist in Congress - Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post
Terrorist Murder of U.S. Ambassador - Robert Fritts, ADST
Bikini Atoll's Nuclear Fallout - Jack Niedenthal, Bikini Atoll
Reliving NYC's First Big Plane Crash - Micheline Maynard, NY Times
U.S. Census' Internment Complicity - JR Minkel, Scientific American
10 Surprising Things About Peace Corps - Claire Suddath, Time
Gordie Howe: Man, Player, Legend - Ian Walker, Vancouver Sun
Why Do We Have a Leap Year? - Tom Hartsfield, Newton Blog
Saturday, February 28
Waco Inferno: More Than Simple Blunder? - Joe Rosenbloom III, WSJ
Cold War's Most Dangerous Murder - Trowbridge Ford, Veterans Today
Why Saddam Invaded Kuwait - Iraq History
Debunking the Myths of Desert Storm - Arthur Herman, New York Post
Bush I: War Built U.S. Credibility - Jeannie Kever, Houston Chronicle
Britain's Mixed Legacy on Heligoland - Tom Blass, BBC News
Cuauhtemoc: Defeated But Unconquered - Jim Tuck, Mex Connect
Ancient Epic Inspired 'Rings' - Brian Handwerk, National Geographic
Tolkien's Good Name Soiled by Success - Ethan Gilsdorf, Boston Globe
The Massive Hit of M*A*S*H - Museum of Broadcast Communications
Friday, February 27
Who Actually Burned Down Reichstag? - Tony Paterson, The Telegraph
Reichstag Fire a Godsend for Nazis - Philip Gavin, History Place
Reconsidering Arsonist of Reichstag Fire - Anarchist Federation
Japan Overruns Dutch in Java - Graham Donaldson, Dutch East Indies
Japan's Ambiguous Legacy in Indonesia - Donald Greenlees, NY Times
Saving Pisa's Tower From U.S. Artillery - Rory Carroll, The Guardian
Why Does Tower in Pisa Lean? - Matt Soniak, Mental Floss
Forty Years Since Nixon Went to China - Kenneth Lieberthal, CNN
Richard Nixon: Great Peacemaker - Ben Stein, American Spectator
10 Biggest Earthquakes in Recorded History - Our Amazing Planet
Thursday, February 26
How Luftwaffe Lost Air Superiority - Richard Muller, Air Power
Erich Hartmann: History's Greatest Fighter Ace - Aces of WW2
Bill Clinton's Dereliction on Terrorism - Byron York, National Review
The Trade Center Bomber Who Got Away - David Kohn, CBS News
J.P. Morgan: An American Story - Ray Baker, McClure's Magazine
The Rise and Fall of U.S. Steel Industry - Lee Custodio, Hub Pages
A History of Southern Black Republicans - Adolph Reed Jr., NY Times
Aquino: From Housewife to Revolutionary Leader - Biography
Liston Was Trouble In and Out of the Ring - Mike Puma, ESPN
Life of Ali Isn't All That Black and White - Sheldon Hirsch, RCS
Wednesday, February 25
'Cronkite Moment' But a Tall Tale - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
The Forgotten North Vietnamese Atrocity in Hue - Viet Quoc
A Reflection on Battle of Hue - James Mueller, Vietnam Magazine
German Envoy's Incendiary Message - Michael Duffy, First World War
What Did Zimmerman Telegram Say? - Megan Gambino, Smithsonian
The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson - Douglas Linder, UMKC
First, Sheer Terror; Then, a Miracle - Robert Reinhold, New York Times
Eyewitness to Impending Doom - Mike Rutherford, Air Disaster
Cuban Revolution's Famous Kidnapping - Laurence Edmondson, ESPN
The Mystery of 'Battle of Los Angeles' - Jason Bellows, Damn Interesting
Tuesday, February 24
The Story of Flag Raising at Iwo Jima - U.S. Marine Corps
Iwo Jima's Staggering Battle (and Cost) - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Was Famous Iwo Jima Photo Staged? - Cyd Upson, Fox News
The Forgotten Men of First Flag Raising - Wurzer & Siple, MPR
Japan's Bombing of Santa Barbara - John McKinney, Los Angeles Times
A Pyrrhic Victory for Santa Anna - Paul McWhorter, Son of the South
The Storied Career and Life of Santa Anna - Wilfred Callcott, TSHA
The Beginning of End for Czarist Russia - St. Petersburg Life
Spanish King Crushes Coup Attempt - Bill Cemlyn-Jones, The Guardian
Legacy of Symbionese Liberation Army - Paul Krassner, Found SF

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