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Monday, July 28
Top 10 Battles of World War I - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
How WWI Shaped Our World - David Reynolds, National Geographic
The Great War: A History in Photos - Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
10 Worst Military Leaders in History - Jeff Danelek, TopTenz
Beating Invincible Rommel at Alamein - Peter Chen, WWII Database
What If North Had Won Korean War - Andrei Lankov, Asia Times
A Glimpse of the 'Forgotten Conflict' - Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian
Why Chicago Went Up in Flames - Walter White, History Matters
How Eric Rudolph Evaded Authorities - Denise Noe, Crime Library
Richard Jewell's Olympic Nightmare - Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair
Saturday, July 26
From Nazis' V-2 Rocket to Space Age - Owen Edwards, Smithsonian
How Allies Found Peenemunde and Hitler's WMDs - Global Security
Lincoln's Troubles With McClellan - Ethan Rafuse, McClellan’s War
The Rise and Fall of George McClellan - Encyclopedia Virginia
The Storied History of U.S. Postal Service - Time
Ben Franklin vs. the Age of Obama - Jarrett Stepman, Human Events
The Legacy of CIA's Founding Fathers - Tim Weiner, NPR
ADA: Expensive, Coercive, Bad Law - Walter Olson, Cato Institute
Liberia: Freedom and Descend to Chaos - History of Nations
Did Van Gogh Actually Shoot Himself? - Daniel Bates, Daily Mail
Friday, July 25
The Imperfect Union of England and Scotland - Allan Macinnes, BBC
Will Scotland Choose the Course of Independence? - The Economist
What Lincoln Meant to the Slaves - Steven Hahn, New York Times
Civil War No Source of Pride for South - Jeff Schweitzer, Huffington Post
Constantine: Rome's Great Christian Emperor - Roman Empire
Legend of Mexico's Robin Hood - Maggie Van Ostrand , Mex Connect
How Puerto Rico Became American - Mark Barnes, Span-Am War
Bermuda: Born of a Shipwreck - Keith Archibald Forbes, Bermuda Online
Almost a Republic of Newfoundland - Frank Jacobs, New York Times
How Concorde Flight Met Its Doom - David Rose, The Observer
Thursday, July 24
How Nixon Handled the Bully - Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator
Nixon in Cold War's Hot Kitchen - William Safire, New York Times
Lost Recordings of 'Kitchen Debate' - Jim Lindner, Stanford University
Eyewitness of Hamburg Burning - Henni Klank, Senioren Net Hamburg
Strategic Bombing: A Strategic Failure - Freeman Dyson, MIT
Mary, Queen of Scots' Fascinating Reign and Life - English History
When Brigham Young Came to Utah - Newell Bringhurst, Utah History
Who Discovered Machu Picchu First? - David Keys, The Independent
Top 10 Man-Made Historical Sites in the World - Nomadic Matt
George Brett Goes Nuts Over Pine Tar - Rick Weinberg, ESPN
Wednesday, July 23
How July Crisis Led to All-Out War - Michael Duffy, First World War
Europe's Troubled Monarchies - Gummer & Evans, Wall Street Journal
Don't Blame Riot for Detroit's Demise - Bill McGraw, Detroit Free Press
The Race Riot That Sealed Detroit's Fate - Reuther Library
Detroit Heading for Certain Oblivion - Matt Gurney, National Post
Are Race Riots News? - Thomas Sowell, Human Events
A Forgotten Shootout in Cleveland - Robert O'Brien, Police Magazine
Jeffrey Dahmer's Grisly Crimes - Marilyn Bardsley, Crime Library
Atlanta's Days Numbered After Rebels' Defeat - Son of the South
Why Hijackers Can't Get on El Al Flights - Vivienne Walt, USA Today
Tuesday, July 22
What You Didn't Know About Moon Landing - Craig Nelson, PopSci
Does Anyone Own the Moon? - Victoria Jaggard, National Geographic
Why Moon Landing Is Still Awesome - Curtis Silver, Wired
Space Age from JFK to Obama - Blackwell & Morrison, American Thinker
Bull Run Breaks Illusions of Fast War - Ernest Furgurson, Smithsonian
Wake Up and Die, Marine! - R.R. Keene, Leatherneck Magazine
FDR's Infamous Court-Packing Scheme - Jacob Hornberger, FFF
The Hunt for Public Enemy No. 1 - A. May & M. Bardsley, Crime Library
Hussein Bros.: Sum of Two Evils - B. Bennett & M. Weisskopf, Time
Wiley Post: A Forgotten Pioneer Aviator - Stephen Sherman, Ace Pilots
Monday, July 21
What If July 20 Plotters Had Killed Hitler - Daily Mail
The Man Who Tried to Kill Hitler - Nigel Jones, World War II Magazine
What's Left of Hitler's 'Wolf's Lair' - Norbert Figueroa, Globo Treks
Germany's Short-Lived Colonies - Paul Beck, Savage and Soldier
Strange Life of West Germany's Spy Chief - David Childs, Independent
Romans Crush Jewish Revolt - Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Virtual Library
Turkey's Armed Entanglements in Cyprus - Hellenica
Henry Ford and His Company - Ford Bryan, Henry Ford Heritage Assn.
The Charming First Freeway of California - Jay Fisher, NY Times
The Mysterious, Tragic Death of Bruce Lee - Bruce Lee Fan Site
Saturday, July 19
What Happened to All the U-Boats? - Derek Waller, U boat
How Convoys Won Battle of Atlantic - John Barratt, Military History
Nero's Fire and Christian Persecution - M.B. Synge, Heritage History
Napoleon III Falls for a Misguided War - Britannica
Stirring China's Revolutionary Spirit - Richard Wertz, Chinese History
SS Great Britain: First Ironclad Ocean Crossing - Brunel 200
X-15 and the Fastest Men - Peter Garrison, Air & Space Magazine
Saving United Flight 232 - Al Haynes, Air Disaster
The Secrets of Paris Metro - Taras Grescoe, New York Times
Top 10 Public Transit Systems - Marc Voyer, Ask Men
Friday, July 18
Why Ted Kennedy Should Be Unforgiven - Carl Cannon, Politics Daily
Unanswered Questions at Chappaquiddick - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
How Real Is Obama's 'American Story'? - James Rosen, FOX News
Mein Kampf's Millions in Royalties - Jay Worthington, Cabinet Mag.
Why Germans Must Read 'Mein Kampf' - Christian Hartmann, Spiegel
ME-262 Ushers Age of Jet Fighters - J. Hatch & E. Petrinic, Stormbirds
Black Soldiers Join Bloody Battle - Brian Pohanka, America's Civil War
History of Colored Troops in Civil War - American Civil War
McDonald's Massacre Changed Police Tactics - Jim Kavanagh, CNN
Montserrat: Emerald Isle Under Ash - Phil Davison, The Independent

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