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Saturday, January 24
Time to Scotch Myth of Churchill - Daniel Knowles, The Telegraph
A Modern Assault on Churchill Cult - Jeet Heer, The Guardian
Churchill and His Complicated Legacy - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
British Empire Died With Churchill - Andrew Roberts, The Telegraph
The Almost Nuclear Holocaust in North Carolina - Broken Arrow
20 Mishaps That Nearly Started Nuke War - Alan Phillips, NAPF
Was Air India Flight Hit by Italian Jet? - David Cenciotti, Aviationist
The Madness and Unraveling of Caligula - Barbara McManus, VRoma
Annihilation Looms at Stalingrad - Mike Yoder, Military History Online
Surviving 30 Years in Jungle - Christopher Nyerges, Primitive Ways
Friday, January 23
Fallen Hero: Charles Lindbergh in the 1940s - PBS
Saving Germans from Russia's Vengeance - Submarine S 13
Kaiser Wilhelm's Exile in Holland - Andrew Balcome, Holland Times
North Korea's Audacious Twin Provocation - Richard Ericson, ADST
Pueblo as Pyongyang's Tourist Attraction - Tim Johnson, McClatchy
No Peace, No Honor, Just Betrayal - Larry Berman, Washington Post
How North Vietnam Cornered Nixon - New American Nation
Remember Daniel Pearl's Murder - Michael Omer-Man, Jerusalem Post
John Walker Lindh: The Taliban Next Door - Josh Tyrangiel, Time
The Forgotten Massacre of Marias - Kathy Weiser, Legends of America
Thursday, January 22
Unmasking America's Best-Known Traitors - John Ehrman, CIA
The Trials of Alger Hiss: Still Guilty - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Venona's Revelation of Soviet Spy Ring - Hayden Peake, U.S. Navy
'Roe': Retracing a Life of Regret - Joshua Prager, Vanity Fair
Is Roe v. Wade Still Law of the Land? - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Anzio: Tying Germans Down in Italy - Clayton Laurie, Free Republic
Khe Sanh: A Victory That Led to Ultimate Defeat - Vietnam Magazine
The Story Behind Apple's 1984 Ad - Tom Hormby, Low End Mac
Not Gingrich's Finest Hour - John Yang, Washington Post
10 Most Corrupt Politicians in U.S. History - RealClearPolitics
Wednesday, January 21
Did Hitler Decide on 'Final Solution'? - Gord McFee, Holocaust History
Wannsee Conference and the 'Final Solution' - Holocaust Museum
Einsatzgruppen: Nazis' Agents of Death - Death Camps
Hong Kong as British Crown Colony - British Empire
Bright Side of British Colonialism - Gary Libecap, Defining Ideas
America's First Hostage Crisis - Digital History
How Iran Crisis Became a Catastrophe (Part II) - Bruce Laingen, ADST
Roger Baldwin's Contradictory Life - Robert Cottrell, HS Library
ACLU's Shocking Legacy - Alan Sears, WND
Top 10 Most Notorious Presidential Pardons - Time
Tuesday, January 20
Robert E. Lee's Fateful, Tragic Choice - Jonathan Horn, Salon
Zeppelin Raid Launches Era of Air War - Ari Unikoski, First World War
Air War From Zeppelins to Drones - T. Dugdale-Pointon, History of War
Imperial Japan's Conquest of Burma - John Rickard, History of War
The Real Bridge on the River Kwai - Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61
A 'Tokyo Rose' by Any Other Name - Adam Bernstein, Washington Post
The Trial of Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon - Jewish Virtual Library
Why League of Nations Failed - Pat Buchanan, American Conservative
Henry V and Hundred Years' War - C. L. Kingsford, Luminarium
UCLA's Epic Winning Streak of 88 - Jerry Crowe, Los Angeles Times
Monday, January 19
Origins of German Domination of Europe - George Friedman, Stratfor
France's Humiliating Defeat Begets Germany - FrancoPrussianWar
Bismarck: A Towering Statesman - Kenneth Barkin, The Latin Library
Hall of Mirrors: As Good as New - Alan Riding, New York Times
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising's Symbolic, Real Impact - Holocaust Museum
Japan's Quest to Dominate China - Michael Duffy, First World War
Captain Cook and Hawaiian Islands - William Westervelt, Sacred Texts
Did FBI Try to Kill Marion Barry? - Steven Nelson, US News & World Rpt
Extraordinary Career of F. Lee Bailey - Bob Norman, Orlando Weekly
Was DeSalvo 'Boston Strangler'? - Marilyn Bardsley, Crime Library
Saturday, January 17
How 'Drudge Report' Made Name for Itself - Tony Rogers,
When H-Bombs Rained Down on Spain - Paul Geitner, NY Times
Swimming With Missing Hydrogen Bomb in Spain - Earl Wilson, ADST
What Ike Meant by Military Complex - Christopher Ball, HNN
Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex Lives On - NPR
Colonials Trap British at Cowpens - John Rickard, History of War
Top 5 Most Expensive Disasters in History - Bo Zhang, AccuWeather
Lessons Not Learned From L.A. Quake - John Schuppe, NBC LA
A Daunting Disaster for Japan - John Louie, University of Nevada
Brinks Robbery: The Imperfect 'Crime of the Century' - FBI
Friday, January 16
Hitler's Bunker Confounds Modern Germany - Shuger & Berger, Slate
Inside Hitler's Bunker and Reich Chancellery - Traces of Evil
Secret Photos of Hitler's Bunker - Christoph Gunkel, Der Spiegel
Did Hitler Escape From His Berlin Bunker? - Jerome Corsi, WND
The Brutal Reign of Ivan the Terrible - Guide to Russia
Stalin's Scheme to Glorify Ivan - Julia Mineeva, Russia Today
When the Shah Fled From Iran - Karen Pliskin, Forward
Saddam's War to Terrorize Israel - Michael Omer-Man, Jerusalem Post
Confession of Young Cosby's Murderer - CBS News
Pondicherry: India With a Taste of France - Will Hide, Daily Mail
Thursday, January 15
The Glorious Reign of Queen Elizabeth I - The British Monarchy
Was Elizabeth I Really a Man? - Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail
Sully's Tale of 'Miracle on Hudson' - Linda Shiner, Air & Space Magazine
10 Greatest Crash Landings - Stephan Wilkinson, Aviation History
Rosa Luxemburg's Confusing Legacy - Siobhan Dowling, Der Spiegel
The Gruesome Murder of 'Black Dahlia' - Julia Scheeres, Crime Library
The Pentagon: Heart of America's Defense - Global Security
Coca-Cola: Birth of a Refreshing Idea - Coca-Cola Company
Minister, Doctor and Inventor of Basketball - Ron Chemelis, BHoF
How 'Super Bowl' Really Got Its Name - Henry Fetter, The Atlantic
Wednesday, January 14
Freedom Betrayed After the War - Herbert Hoover, National Review
FDR's Folly of 'Unconditional Surrender' - World Future Fund
Rise of Tito and Modern Yugoslavia - Notable Biographies
How Tito Held Yugoslavia Together - Aleksa Djilas, Foreign Affairs
Lone Survivor's Afghan Cautionary Tale - William Dalrymple, NYT
Revisiting Dreyfus' 'Trial of the Century' - Adam Gopnik, New Yorker
Century-Old Tussle Over Saarland - Sam Henze, American University
The Trouble With South Carolina - Hubert Bancroft, Great Republic
The Birth of American California - Hadley Meares, KCET
The Greatest Undefeated Seasons in Sports - Jeff Merron, ESPN

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