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Tuesday, November 25
LBJ's Private Conversation With Hoover - Shirley Jahad, KPCC
Where Was LBJ Sworn In? - David Flick, Dallas Morning News
'JFK' and Oliver Stone's Propaganda - Ron Capshaw, RealClearHistory
Did D.B. Cooper Publish Own Memoir? - Matt Love, Oregonian
Top 10 Most Famous Disappearances - Time
Darwin's Clan Afflicted by Inbreeding - Ian Sansom, The Guardian
Michael Collins' Gun Led to Ex-Friend's Death - Executed Today
Above the Clouds at Lookout Mountain - John Rickard, History of War
Texas Rangers: From Border Guards to Cops - TX Dept. of Public Safety
Michigan-Ohio State Still Biggest Stage - Bill Livingston, Plain Dealer
Monday, November 24
Lee Harvey Oswald Was My Friend - Paul Gregory, NY Times Magazine
Lee Harvey Oswald: The Lone Gunman - David Krajicek, Crime Library
Jack Ruby: Conspirator or Small-Time Nut? - Dave Reitzes, JFK-Online
How Ruby Got Into the Basement - David von Pein, JFK-Archives
Chattanooga: A Loss That Doomed the South - Bob Redman, AOTC
Bragg Snatches Defeat from Jaws of Victory - About North Georgia
Boss Tweed: New York's Plundering Politician - Agile Writer
London Underground's History of Disasters - Alex Ashman, h2g2
Ethiopian Flight 961: Hijacking, Crash, Survival - Air Disaster
Hail Mary, Full of ... Heisman Trophy - Reid Oslin, The BC Chronicle
Saturday, November 22
The Enduring Mythology of John Kennedy - Jeff Heer, Globe and Mail
What Warren Report Missed About Shot - Max Holland, Newsweek
What Did Zapruder Film Really Show? - Jerry Organ, Marquette Univ.
Kennedy's Mystique, Secrets and Lies - Richard Reeves, L.A. Times
Only Person Who Knew JFK and Oswald - John Meroney, The Atlantic
Dallas 1963: A City of Rage and Hysteria - Melissa Block, NPR
How Secret Service Was Transformed - Kane Farabaugh, VoA
Conspiracy, JFK and CIA - Alex von Tunzelmann, History Reader
China's Chance at Cairo Conference - Peter Chen, WWII Database
The World's 100 Most Powerful Women - Caroline Howard, Forbes
Friday, November 21
How Westmoreland Lost Vietnam - Eric Tegler, Defense Media Network
A Raid That Rescued No One - Callie Oettinger, History Reader
The Case Against Jonathan Pollard - Seymour Hersh, New Yorker
Why Is Jonathan Pollard Still in Prison? - Moshe Dann, Forward
Edward I: England's Warrior King - Eric Niderost, The British Monarchy
Chilling Legacy of Black and Tans - David McKittrick, The Independent
Another Iran-Backed Embassy Attack - Cameron Barr, Washington Post
The Original Columbine Massacre - Richard Myers, Rebel Graphics
'Who Shot J.R.?': TV's Best Cliffhanger - Ed Martin, Huffington Post
The Making of 'Rocky' - Sylvester Stallone, ESPN
Thursday, November 20
At Jonestown, A Time to Die - Fiona Steel, Crime Library
Playing Dead to Stay Alive at Jonestown - Richard Dwyer, ADST
Rep. Ryan: Congress' 1st Martyr - Whittle & Thorpe, Freedom Magazine
Inside Nazi Minds at Nuremberg - Thomas Harding, The Daily Beast
Franco's Legacy Still Divides Spain - Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
Franco: From Revolutionary to Dictator - Biography
Thawing the Cold War - George Shultz, Margaret Thatcher Foundation
Getting Serious With Perestroika - National Security Archive
Awe, Joy Over Sadat's Visit - Hillel Kuttler, J Weekly
'The Play': Anatomy of a Miracle - Ron Fimrite, Sports Illustrated
Wednesday, November 19
Why World War I Still Fascinates Us - John Lichfield, The Independent
Somme: Deadliest Battle in History - Michael Duffy, First World War
German Juggernaut Halted at Stalingrad - Pat Horan, Historiat
RAF Can't Subdue Berlin With Bombs - Australian War Memorial
Lincoln's Language and Its Legacy - Adam Gopnik, New Yorker
Abe: From Moderate to Abolitionist - Justin Ewers, US News & WR
St. Peter's Basilica: Sacred Home of Catholics - New Advent
Puerto Rico: Spain's Once Loyal Colony - Countries Quest
The Celebrated Jumping Frog - Mark Twain, Classical Library
A Once Unifying Symbol Now Divides - Holly Huffman, The Eagle
Tuesday, November 18
Who's England's Greatest Monarch? - BBC News
Elizabeth I: The Mighty Virgin Queen - Tudor History
Napoleon Beats Back Austrians - John Rickard, History of War
Nixon Declares: 'I'm Not a Crook' - Carroll Kilpatrick, Washington Post
Terminating Future of Golden State - Peter Schrag, CA Progress Report
Schwarzenegger's Failed Legacy - Steven Greenhut, SF Examiner
Suez Canal: A Magnet for Trade, Conflict - Ken Lewis, RJWRS
De Lesseps: Father of Suez Canal - Alain Plessis,
Al-Qaeda's Terror at Luxor - James Wiseman, Archaeology
How 'Heidi Game' Changed Sports TV - Jerry Crowe, Los Angeles Times
Monday, November 17
The Controversial Father of Rocketry - Amy Shira Teitel, Al Jazeera
Peenemunde: Von Braun's Original Lab - Operation Paperclip
Soviets Make Own Rocket Grab - Anatoly Zak, Air & Space Magazine
Examining Polish Complicity in Holocaust - Abraham Foxman, ADL
George Washington's Disastrous Defeat - American Revolution
Clinton's Historic Vietnam Visit Left Mixed Bag - Viet Quoc
A Brief History of the Fed's Founding - Federal Reserve Bank
Is the Fed Still Constitutional? - Michael Greve, Library of Law
Ed Gein: Inspiration for Serial Killing - Bell & Bardsley, Crime Library
World's Top 10 Safest Airlines - Steven Shaw, Ask Men
Saturday, November 15
Tragic History of K-19, Widowmaker - National Geographic
K-19 the Movie Is Mostly Fiction - Michael Kilian, Chicago Tribune
U.S. Turns Tide at Guadalcanal - David Lippman, World War II Mag
Marines at Battle of Guadalcanal - Patrick O'Donnell, WWII History
Clemenceau Fights for France at Versailles - RALPH
Carter's Failed Entanglements With Iran - Gary Sick, Iran Primer
Iran Embassy Siege From Eyes of a Captive - Bruce Laingen, ADST
8 Handshakes That Changed World History - RealClearPolitics
Unabomber's Michigan Bomb - Ted Ottley, Crime Library
How Fast Can a Car Go? How about 600 MPH - UPI

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