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Tuesday, September 23
How 'Checkers' Saved the Day for Nixon - David Lagesse, U.S. News
Gay Ex-Marine Saves Ford From Bullet - Lynne Duke, Washington Post
Nathan Hale: An American Martyr and Hero - U.S. History
Triumph in English Waters - James Mooney, Department of the Navy
Saddam's War With Iran and Its Consequences - Iran Chamber Society
Second Kashmir War Between India, Pakistan - Global Security
The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Secrets of Neptune's Discovery - William Sheehan, Sky & Telescope
Was Dempsey Robbed by 'Long Count'? - Jack Steele, Sports Illustrated
Sadly, One Play Defined Life of 'Bonehead' - Ed Sherman, ESPN
Monday, September 22
Why Benedict Arnold Chose Treason - H.W. Elson, History of USA
Top 10 Traitors in American History - Listverse
B-29's Fire Raids on Japan - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
Operation Moolah Steals a MiG - Herbert Friedman, Psywarrior
Tragic Tale of Super Bomber Valkyrie - Ed Grabianowski, Wired
Can Chinook Helos Fly for 100 Years? - Dave Majumdar, Flight Global
China's Humiliation in Second Opium War - Korean History Project
The Life and Times of Juan and Eva Peron - Siracusa & Doherty, ADST
The Man Behind 'Is There a Santa Claus' - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth
Why I Love Mormonism - Simon Critchley, New York Times
Saturday, September 20
Britain's Daring Raid in Norway - John Asmussen, Bismarck Class
Triumph Over the Tsar in Crimea - Peter Antill, History of War
Saladin's Siege of Jerusalem - James Brundage, Fordham University
Marriott Terror Challenges Pakistan - Omar Waraich, Time
World's 10 Largest Cruise Ships - 10 Awesome
Cannes Still Center of Film Festival Universe - Dennis Lim, NY Times
Mississippi and James Meredith Still Remember - CNN
Ole Miss' Ghosts: Football and Race - Wright Thompson, ESPN
History Lesson from NFL's 1982 Strike - Gene Wojciechowski, LA Times
Billie Jean's 'Battle of Sexes' Was a Hoax - John Koblin, Deadspin
Friday, September 19
America's Unnecessary Civil War - Doug Bandow, Forbes
River of Death at Chickamauga - David Powell, Hallowed Ground
How Medical Care Doomed Garfield - Amanda Schaffer, NY Times
Khrushchev Goes to Hollywood - Peter Carlson, Smithsonian
Siege of Paris in Franco-Prussian War - Roberto Naranjo, eHistory
Escaping Paris by Air Balloon - G. Tissandier, Memories of an Aeronaut
Getting Wrong Man in Anthrax Attacks - David Freed, The Atlantic
Why Publish Unabomber's Manifesto - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
The Quake That Leveled Mexico City - Daniel Hernandez, LA Times
Can't You Take a Joke? :-) - Tony Long, Wired
Thursday, September 18
How MacArthur Shaped Post-War Japan - Stanley Weintraub, MH Mag
Soviet Atrocities During the Fall of Japan - Mark Ealey, Japan Focus
Japan's Conquest of Manchuria - Vincent Ferraro, Mt. Holyoke College
Zhang Xueliang: China's Last Warlord - Rana Mitter, History Today
Tiberius: A Cunning, Ruthless Roman Ruler - UNRV History
U.S. Air Force's Last Flying Ace - Mark Bowden, The Atlantic
Jimi Hendrix's Sad, Sudden Death - Rick Campbell, Houston Chronicle
The Happy Demise of Soap Operas - Jennifer Grant, Christianity Today
Fritz Pollard: A Pro Football Pioneer - Brett Hoover, Ivy 50
Top 10 Barrier-Breaking Athletes - Brian Colella, RealClearSports
Wednesday, September 17
Lee's Fateful Choice to Invade North - Gary Gallagher, Civil War Trust
Antietam: America's Bloodiest Battle - Ted Alexander, Civil War Times
Smashing Revisionist History of Poland Invasion - 17 September 1939
FDR and Churchill's Polish Sellout - Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran and Aftermath - Bill Samii, Pars Times
The Rise and Fall of Iran's Last Shah - Iran Chamber Society
Camp David: Jimmy Carter's Greatest Legacy - Betty Glad, PBS
Carter's Gamble for Peace - Samuel Lewis & Hermann Eilts, ADST
The Red Baron's First Kill - Manfred von Richtofen, War Times Journal
Pro Football's Founding Fathers - Andrew Brandt, National Football Post
Tuesday, September 16
'With Old Breed': Insanity and Sacrifice in War - Victor Davis Hanson
All for Naught on Bloody Peleliu - Roger McGrath, New American
MacArthur's Surprise in Inchon - Ted & Donna Kinni, Financial Times
How Inchon Landing Turned the Tide in Korean War - ROK Drop
Harpers Ferry: Stonewall's Greatest Hit - Dennis Frye, Civil War Trust
An Unlikely Rebirth of Prussia - Jacob Heilbrunn, New York Times
Hitler Triumphs With Nuremberg Laws - Philip Gavin, History Place
Is de Rais History's 1st Serial Killer? - Mark Gribben, Crime Library
Bombing Brings Bloodshed to Wall Street - Daniel Gross, The Street
Why Reagan Nominated O'Connor - Gil Troy, History News Network
Monday, September 15
Lessons from Napoleon's Failure in Russia - Saul David, BBC
Napoleon's Pyrrhic Conquest of Moscow - Marjie Bloy, English History
The Assassination of President McKinley - Mark Gado, Crime Library
Winfield Scott's Eventful, Influential Career - Encyclopedia Virginia
Mexico City Under American Military Occupation - PBS
An Exercise Turns Into Bloody Battle - Charles Nulsen, PTSD Support
Soviet Union's Top-Secret Nuclear Test on Humans - Neu Samara
How 'Messiah' Gained Its Popularity - David Vickers, G F Handel
Montreal Expos' Dream Season Derailed - Dean Hybl, Bleacher Report
Top 10 Sports Work Stoppages in History - RealClearSports
Saturday, September 13
5 Myths About Star-Spangled Banner - Steve Vogel, Washington Post
From Burning of Washington to National Anthem - Smithsonian
Marines in the Halls of Montezuma - Christopher Minster,
The Decline and Fall of Lin Biao - Jack Smith, Anglo-Chinese Society
How Khrushchev Rose to Top - John Simkin, Spartacus Educational
Khrushchev and Beria: A Death Duel - Stephen Kotkin, Front Page Mag
Yasser Arafat's Monstrous Legacy - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
A History of Failed Middle East Peace Talks - Paul Reynolds, BBC
Constantine and Church of Holy Sepulchre - Sacred Destinations
Who Owns Michelangelo's David? - Elisabetta Povoledo, New York Times

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